Season 5 Challenges

REWARD - INR 3,00,000
Solver qualifies to start receiving the award money as per the guidelines mentioned in the Terms and Conditions only when the following conditions are met:
a) Upon successful demonstration of the technology solution in the form of Proof of Concept that meets all the requirements (success criteria) stated in the challenge description
b) Upon meeting the unit cost for defined volume, if specified for that particular challenge

A variety of materials such as Steel, Aluminium, Plastic & Composites are processed and shipped to different customer locations. The processed items are in many forms like cylinders, sheets, coils, box, cans, slabs & rods; the dimensions can vary from millimeters to meters.  To prevent product mix-up and to ensure internal traceability, there is a need for an invisible marking, that cannot be detected by human eye.  The marking has to be durable so that it cannot be inadvertently rubbed off, scratched or removed, all the while providing us with a unique means for tracing the products. We should be able to apply the markings inline during processing or manufacturing on a variety of substrates of Steel, Aluminium, Plastics, and Composites. The marking should be unaffected during various processing steps, viz. cutting/slitting, thickness reduction, and surface cleaning to remove impurities like rust, dirt, and oil.

Desired properties of the marking:

  • It is desirable to have intelligible markings that are virtually invisible to the human eye on the surface of articles for identification, authentication, sorting, etc.
  • It should be easy to apply the marking on various substrates of Steel, Aluminium, Plastics & Composites. The size of such substrates can vary from millimeters to meters.
  • The solution should work in high-speed production lines with speeds up to 300 m/min
  • The process of reading should be simple and economical.
  • The marking should be difficult to copy to avoid counterfeiting.
  • The marking should be integrable to backend IT system for product tracking.
  • It should be able to sustain high temperatures, rain, wear and tear, and abrasion.
  • It should be long lasting, at least 10 years.

The solver will be awarded only upon successful demonstration of Proof of Concept (PoC).

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