Season 5 Challenges

REWARD - INR 5,00,000
Solver qualifies to start receiving the award money as per the guidelines mentioned in the Terms and Conditions only when the following conditions are met:
a) Upon successful demonstration of Proof of Concept that meets all the requirements (success criteria) mentioned in the challenge description
b) Upon meeting the unit cost, if specified for that particular challenge.

For waterproofing, the existing rooftops (inclined and flat) are treated for seepage with a layer of bituminous tar felting once in every five years. It is done by applying hot bitumen over roof top. The cost of tar felting for 1 roof is around Rs 290/- per Sq-m. The size range of the rooftops are 75'x40' feet. Tar felting is carried out for all rooftops. This recurring maintenance activity incurs the company, a huge expenditure every year. The main issue, however, with tar felting is the negative impact on environment, does not last long, and it is ineffective.

We are exploring flexible solar panels as an alternate to water proofing the rooftops. The solar panels is expected to protect the rooftops from water seepage, in addition to their primary purpose of power generation. The solar panel should  be flexible and should have an adhesive layer, so that it can be easily stuck on the tile over RCC roof, the base material of the existing rooftops. The solar panels thus, reduce or eliminate the dependency on the traditional roof tar felting method.

The solution MUST fulfil the following requirements:

• Solar panels should bond with the roof surface (cement/concrete layer). The rooftops are 75' ft. x 40' ft. in size

• Solar panels should be water repellent and prevent water ingress

• Ease of installation on irregular surfaces and eliminate water seepage

• Low cost maintenance and repair

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