Season 1 Challenges

OPENED ON: 1 MAR 2016  |  CLOSED ON: 12 AUG 2016   
Ferous Oxide

ETP Sludge is generated during the process of industrial effluent treatment in Effluent Treat Plant (ETP). In fully dried condition, it has around 33% Volatile Solids and around 67% Fixed Solids.

The process begins with underflow from ETP which has 96% water and 4% solids. It is pumped on to Sludge Drying Beds for moisture reduction – combination of draining moisture as leachate and evaporation under sunlight.

In around 2 -3 weeks during sunny days, we get ETP sludge with 20% - 30% moisture in the form of lumps. It is disposed for land filling in authorized landfills.

This challenge has two parts:

  • During non-sunny days and especially during monsoon, we are not able to dry this sludge at all 
  • The drying process using Sludge Drying Beds is slow and occupies a lot of space

We are aware of the Green House type sludge dryers and also the mechanical stirrers to expedite the drying of sludge.

We are interested in a solution that will enable us to dry the ETP sludge (to a level of less than 10% moisture) in an accelerated manner without necessarily depending on the sun-light but with lower energy footprint.

A less energy intensive mechanical process or chemical process will also be acceptable.

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