Season 1 Challenges

REWARD: INR 1,00,000  |  OPENED ON: 7 JAN 2016  |  CLOSED ON: 2 FEB 2016   
Ferous Oxide

There are several small metallic products that we sell in the market. These are in different shapes (profiles) and sizes (10 mm to 400 mm). In order to avoid duplicates in the market, we would like to put some identification mark of authenticity on each of them.

Key attributes needed for the solution are:

  • The process of marking should be easy, fast and inexpensive.  
  • It should be nearly impossible for someone to use a similar mark and produce duplicates.  
  • The marking should also be able to carry some information.  
  • The process of reading the markings should be extremely simple and it should immediately separate the genuine and duplicates. 
  • The process of reading should not need electric power and should be able to work in a wide range of conditions namely lowly lit, dusty, extreme heat and cold.

If the solution could work on other substrates (e.g. plastic), it would be even better.

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