Season 4 Challenges

REWARD: INR 3,00,000  |  OPENED ON: 1 JUN 2018  |  CLOSED ON: 1 SEP 2018   
Ferous Oxide

Steel (0.06%C) billets are hot rolled into bars of 2 meters each. These rolled bars are then cut into specific lengths of ~2000mm and deep (blind) holes are drilled axially into these rolled bars (180mmx240mmx2000mm). A bar of different material (same length as the hole) is then inserted and assembled. Figure 1 shows the assembled bar and the dimensions of bars. Assembly process is also cumbersome as it is a force fit.

The tolerances of ±0.05mm needs to be maintained on the boring process. These deep holes (of Dia 30-50mm) are drilled to the length of 1700mm (overall length 2000mm) using a special purpose deep hole drilling machines.

It takes about 45 mins to complete the drilling process and additional 20 minutes to insert the bar into the hole already drilled. The process is time-consuming, requires skilled labor and hence we are looking for an alternate process which is faster and does not require special processes for machining.

Thus, we are currently looking for alternate and novel methods for

  1. Deep hole drilling process
  2. Assembly of the bar into the hole

The solution should be economical and easier to adopt. It should not cause huge capital acquisition.

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