Season 1 Challenges

OPENED ON: 1 MAR 2016  |  CLOSED ON: 12 AUG 2016   
Ferous Oxide

The waste generated in the moulding process of SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) poses an environment challenge as it is non bio-degradable. The waste is generated due to rejected parts and flash (extra material) in moulded parts. It cannot be recycled as a parent compound as this compound is thermosetting in nature.

The quantity of waste generated is around a few hundred Tons per year. Physically it is very hard and tough thus rendering the process of converting waste into usable powder form commercially un-viable. The powder could be recycled/reused for a variety of different applications.

We are looking for commercially viable technology for converting SMC waste into powder form. The size of the input waste could have a huge range (mm to meters). The output (powder) should ideally be controllable but the size should not exceed 100 microns. 

Ideally we are looking for powder of usable particle size (less than 100 microns) that can be used subsequently (some percentage of it) in SMC formulation or for some other suitable applications.

SMC is a thermosetting moulding compound that consists of unsaturated resin, catalyst, special additives, mineral fillers and glass fiber as reinforcement. 

Being a thermosetting compound it is not possible to re-melt and hence reprocess the moulded parts after moulding, unlike thermoplastics where it is possible to re-melt and reprocess the moulded parts after moulding.

The waste generated is very hard and requires special equipment for pulverizing into powder form. The cost of pulverizing and the logistics involved makes the process commercially un-viable

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