Season 7 Challenges

Welcome to Season 7 - Challenges of Tata Innoverse, Tata’s Open Innovation Program. Through this program, we are actively seeking innovative solutions for the challenges faced by us. We invite you to browse through the challenges and submit your solutions for consideration by us.  For earlier sets of challenges or to view all challenges across seasons, select the season from the drop down:

Pothole Detection And Mapping

Commuters face a lot of issues on the road daily, but none poses a greater risk than Potholes. They are the biggest cause of inconvenience on the roads. They not only deteriorate the roads but also creates a lot of inconvenience to drivers. We are looking for a solution where the potholes should be detected and plotted on the map.

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Battery Operated Air Conditioning System For Vehicles In Mines

Dumpers and Excavators are used in quarries and mine fields. The driver cabin of the vehicle needs to be air conditioned. The vehicle will not running all the time and is idling for many hours. The engine should be kept on in order to keep air conditioner switched on.

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