Ferous Oxide

Explosives are a significant part of many mining processes. The ability to break up the hard rock makes the task of digging and transporting it vitally easier.

But not only is this practice harmful to the environment, it could be hazardous if a proper warning and security system is not in place to restrict entry of workers and locals alike.

So, the challenge is to find an alternate way to break-up these hard rocks without using explosives.

The solution should be innovative and should not involve too many of changes to the existing processes and methods which the mining industries follow.

We need to find more eco-friendly, cleaner, and safer alternatives to this regressive approach in discovery of mineral ores.

Your solution will be judged based on the following parameters:

  • Rich Technical Content
  • Simplicity 
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Innovation 

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