Tata Pioneer’s Makerthon

TATA Pioneer’s Makerthon

Tata group’s reputation as a leader in various industries is not by chance. As a group, we are passionate about attracting and developing talent and sparking innovation across industries. We strongly believe in the power of innovation and are continually striving to promote this culture.

To foster this culture among the budding talent, Tata Group Technology and Innovation Office has started Tata Pioneer’s Makerthon. The Tata Pioneer’s Makerthon presents the student community with exciting live challenge(s) to solve by leveraging the latest advances in technology.

Students are invited to participate in this event, submit innovative solutions to solve our challenge and compete for a grand prize.

Tata Innoverse

The Tata Innoverse Program is the Open Innovation program of Tata group.It is an endeavour to bring together innovators, scientists and academicians from across the globe to solve some of the toughest challenges faced by us and the world.


It is an endeavour to provide an international platform to the youth to showcase their talents and skills in fierce competitions, displaying cutting edge technology and research from all over the globe.

Challenge Title

Mechanism to handle misaligned Red hot Wire Rod of Tata Steel.

Eligibility criteria

BTech student 3rd year onwards, MTechs & PhDs can participate in this competition. We encourage students to form interdisciplinary teams while submitting solutions, though it is not mandatory


Upto Rs.3 Lakhs


Phase I – Submission of the theoretical description of the solution – should be explained in detail – submissions should have the technical specifications mentioned.

Phase II – Selected teams will move to phase II wherein, the actual system will have to be developed. These teams will have an opportunity to visit the shop floor and understand the challenge directly. The final system needs to be demonstrated on the shop floor.

Selection criteria are as below;

Phase I

  • 1. Rich technical content – It is expected that the teams will submit a theoretical solution to the challenge. The evaluation will be solely done by reviewing the content of the description. Please ensure the description is very well articulated. Please include as many technical details as possible and include technical specifications of the system you are going to develop.
  • 2. Simplicity of the solution – easy to implement, does not affect the other systems in the shop floor - not having too many sub systems as part of the system
  • 3. Interview results – candidates from Phase I might be interviewed if the description provided is rich enough.

Phase II

  • 1. Efficacy of the solution
  • 2. Cost – Not overwhelmingly expensive.
  • 3. Implementation time – Should not take too much time to implement it in the shop floor
  • 4. Ease of implementation of the system
  • 5. Serviceability of the system
  • 6. Redundant or fall back option – There is no breakdown of failure of the system allowed as the system is used online and and in the high-temperature zone. Failure of the proposed system will force the entire line to shut down.
  • 7. Simplicity of the prototype – not too many subsystems
  • 8. Successful Prototype demonstration

Note – Scroll down to know the deadlines for each phase.

Important Dates

  • Phase I ends: 31th October 2017
  • Evaluation of Phase I entries : 31th Oct to 30 Nov 2017
  • Phase II for the final round of system development: 15th December
  • Live demo of Prototype in campus : 30th - 31st Dec 2017
  • Live demo of Prototype in the plant : January 2018

Contact US

Group Technology and Innovation Office (GTIO), Tata Sons

Bombay House, 24,

Homi Mody Street,

400001 Mumbai, India.

Email id : support@tatainnoverse.com

Phone : +91 8888728843, 9587310088