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November 12, 2018 1.Colour Matching of Leather | November 12, 2018 2.Area Measurement of Leather Hides

Open challenges

Have a solution that you think can make life easier for us? Go through the list of the wicked challenges we face at the workplace. And if your solution is good enough, you could win exciting prizes.

Colour Matching of Leather

The variation in colour on the leather surface needs to be inspected automatically to mitigate the human intervention and subjectivity.

OPENING DATE: 12 NOV 2018  |  CLOSING DATE: 12 FEB 2019  |  REWARD: INR 1,00,000

Area Measurement of Leather Hides

We need a system to measure and log the area of the leather hide while it is moving on the conveyor (width of conveyor ranges from 1-3 meters).

OPENING DATE: 12 NOV 2018  |  CLOSING DATE: 12 FEB 2019  |  REWARD: INR 1,00,000

Our Intent

We believe that every challenge should intellectually stimulate you and make you think & explore. Rest assured, every solution submitted will undergo rigorous evaluation by various experts from the Tata companies for viability and effectiveness.

Why should you participate

  • Creatively engage with stimulating problems beyond your own context
  • Use the opportunity to express your leading edge solutions
  • Contribute to the emerging phenomenon of collaborative solutioning
  • Help Tata companies accelerate their innovations in the diverse sectors

Tata Group launches its Open Innovation Program


October 26, 2018:

One more challenge announced,

We are pleased to announce one more exciting challenge: 

•   Product authentication using invisible signature

We look forward to receiving your Innovative Solutions!

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